Artist : Eternal Idol

Album : The Unrevealed Secret

Release Date : 02-12-2016

Added : 21-01-2017

Following the departure of 'Fabio Lione' of 'Rhapsody Of Fire', here it is with a new project 'Eternal Idol' and 'The Unrevealed Secret' debut. 'Giorgia Colleluori' reinforces the vocal range and style is a mix of symphonic Metal and Heavy Metal. Nothing really new in the compositions of guitarist 'Nick Savio' with similar titles quickly: entry, 'Evil Tears' plant décor with a catchy rhythm and a classic but catchy chorus. Then there is 'Another Night Come', much more symphonic with an introduction to the keyboards then singing alternated between Fabio and Giorgia resembling 'Nightwish' early compositions. The rest is image BSEF permeirs securities, a mixture of 2 relatively accessible styles and, even if they have not yet developed their own personality, the Italians of Eternal Idol' should appeal to a wide enough metal audience...
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Line Up / Musicians

Fabio Lione (Vocal), Giorgia Colleluori (Vocal), Andrea Buratto (Bass), Camillo Colleluori (Drums), Nick Savio (Guitars / Keybords)