Artist : Tim Bowness

Album : Lost in the Ghost Light

Release Date : 17-02-2017

Added : 30-03-2017

'Tim Bownes' surrounded himself by a host of musicians from the progressive scene to interpret his latest album 'Lost in the Ghost Light'. As usual, we navigate in an rich atmospheric and progressive rock with a flawless production. 'Worlds Of Yesterday' opens the dance with an immediate tangible emotion that reminds me a little of 'David Bowie'. 'Moonshot Manchild' continues in this registry with a title close to 9 minutes where everything is delicacy and sensitivity. 'Kill the bread That's Killing You' is much more rock with energetic percussion that contrast with the rest. The suite is closer to the 2 first titles where we found more atmospheric and introspective compositions. In summary, this ' Lost in the Ghost Light' is still a 'Tim Bowness' a great vintage to taste without moderation and that can serve as a good relaxing after a hard day's work...

Line Up / Musicians

Tim Bowness (Vocal, Keybords, Choirs), Andrew Booker (Drums), Bruce Soord (Guitars, Choirs), Colin Edwin (Bass), Hux Nettermalm (Drums), Stephen Bennett (Guitars, Keybords) + Guests : Andrew Keeling (Flute, Guitar), Charlotte Dowding (Violin), David Rhodes (Guitar), Ian Anderson (Flute), Kit Watkins (Flute, Waterphone), Pete Smith (Bass), Steve Bingham (Violin)