Artist : Scardust

Album : Sands Of Time

Release Date : 27-08-2017

Added : 31-10-2017

The Israeli female singer 'Noa Cruman' is very busy because after participating in the project 'Soul Enema' (see Here), is in the adventure with the latest album of 'Scardust '. We feel that, with 'Sands Of Time', the group wanted to mix several styles of metal : the act 1 of 'Sands Of Time', 'Overture', takes us, first, in a classical introduction with strings, then the drums rears his head accompanied by a children's choir and comes the turn of guitar riffs mix with violins and then, return of the chorale that accompanies a guitar solo to finish with the power of the metal sustained by a choir, this time with more mature voices. We are fully in a kind of complex and rich mix of progressive and symphonic metal supported by classical instruments and that requires several listenings to penetrate all the corners of each title. In conclusion, with 'Sands Of Time', they could be compared to 'Epica', but as the latter has compositions accessible to a large number of symphonic metal fans, ‘Scardust’ will be limited to a certain public also loving progressive style...

Line Up / Musicians

Noa Gruman (Vocal), Yadin Moyal (Guitar), Yanai Avnet (Bass), Yoav Steel Weinberg (Drums), Alex Nicola (Keybords)