Artist : Sunchild

Album : Messages from Afar : The Division and Illusion of Time

Release Date : 02-07-2018

Added : 06-09-2018

'Sunchild' is one of the projects of the Ukrénian 'Antony Kalugin' who had already released under the name 'Karfagen' the first part of 'Messages from Afar' (see here). After a first listening, the progressive atmosphere of the 70s is closer to the previous opus of 'Karfagen' than the discography of 'Sunchild' because Antony continues to explore the paths of progressive melodic music that we have known some forty years ago. For starters, the very happy 'Searching Diamonds' borrows on the end the 'Supertramp' keyboards from the 'Brother Where You Bound' era, then the 8 minutes of 'Grail and Time' takes us back to the 'Floyds' atmosphere. 'while '60 degree to the 70s' continues to go back in time with a vintage atmosphere of the 60s / 70s brought by the jazzy sound of the organ. The next 3 tracks are atmospheric and 'Mystery Train' makes me think of the 'Focus' moods of the first period alos that the other 2 tracks come back to the 'Floyds' music. But the main piece of the album is without contest 'Victory Voyager' which with 20 minutes makes it a reference for any amateur of progressive music with its construction in multi-drawers where there is always something going on and where we like get lost in nooks and crannies. The album ends in the beautiful instrumental 'Father' in an airy and melancholic atmosphere. In short, this second part of 'Messages from Afar' by ‘Antony Kalugin' is a reference in progressive music and for my part comes undoubtedly add to the ideal collection of any amateur progressive rock through the ages...

Line Up / Musicians

Antony Kalugin (Vocal, Keybords), Max Velychko (Guitar), Kostya Shepelenko (Drums, Percussions), Oleg Prokhorov (Bass), Victoriia Osmachko (Vocal), Nikita Osmachko (Vocal), Olga Vodolazhska (Vocal), Olha Rostovska (Vocal, Keybords)