Artist : Dynazty

Album : The Dark Delight

Release Date : 03-04-2020

Added : 11-05-2020

They are still Swedes, 'Dynazty' not to mention them, who are releasing a new album of melodic metal after a very good 'Firesign' in 2018, 'The Dark Delight' being their 7th studio recording. They continue in their momentum to offer us a powerful metal and this last opus is a continuation of the previous one with melodic lines that give the impression of already heard and that they 'metalize' with explosive guitar riffs and with a singer 'Nils Molin' who gives it all.

From the very first tracks, we are in the bath with the energetic 'Presence of Mind', 'Paradise of the Architect', 'The Black' and 'From Sound of Silence' whose choruses immediately become embedded in your head, then, 'Hologram' offers a classic but very effective power ballad and the following continues with always effective melodies, 'Heartless Madness', with pop intonations, making me think of the atmospheres of the symphonic metal formation 'Amberian Dawn' (see last album here) and 'Waterfall' with a rhythm and melodic lines close to disco of the 80s. The following keeps this same melodic level with the catchy 'Threading the Needle' and his remarkable guitar solo, 'The Man And The Elements' and his festive folk intonations, 'Apex' with his wild rhythm, 'The Road to Redemption' and 'The Dark Delight' with their intonations mixing east and west and the bonus track, 'The Shoulder Devil', ending the album in an atmosphere of powerful symphonic metal like 'Amaranthe', formation in which 'Nils Molin' is one of the singers.

In summary, the Swedes continue their road and deliver us an album where each composition is a real melodic single and 'The Dark Delight' is to be advised to an audience loving a melodic hard-rock with effective and accessible compositions at first listen...

Line Up / Musicians

Nils Molin (Vocal), Rob Love Magnusson (Guitar), George Egg (Drums), Mikael Lavér (Guitar), Jonathan Olsson (Bass) + invité : Henrik Englund (Vocal)