Artist : Wobbler

Album : From Silence to Somewhere

Release Date : 20-10-2017

Added : 25-12-2017

Lovers of 70/80 progressive music but also of long titles, here is the latest record of the Norwegians 'Wobbler', I named 'From Silence to Somewhere' which contains 4 titles for 46 minutes of music. From the beginning, with the eponymous title of the album, we are taken in a maze of nooks and crannies for 20 minutes during which quiet and unbridled passages are linked together and we can’t help but think to some songs of 'Emerson Lake & Palmer'. It is obvious that in front of all this musical creativity, it takes a certain time to tame the whole because each title is revealed little by little. In summary, this 'From Silence to Somewhere' is an extremely rich and complex album that will inevitably be intended for an informed public, fan of progressive music of the 70s...

Line Up / Musicians

Andreas Prestmo (Vocal, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion), Geir Marius Bergom Halleland (Guitar), Kristian Karl Hultgren (Bass, Clarinette), Lars Fredrik Frøislie (Keybords), Martin Nordrum Kneppen (Drums)