Artist : The Skys

Album : Automatic Minds

Release Date : 19-04-2019

Added : 05-07-2019

'The Skys' is a Luthuanian rock band that has already over 20 years of existence with only 4 album releases and 'Automatic Minds' is their 5th studio recording. With each release, they surround themselves with artists of the progressive scene and one can quote the guitarist 'Snowy White' who shot with 'Pink Floyd' in the 70s (and 'Roger Waters' often appealed to him during several decades) and 'Rob Townsend', who is the saxophonist of 'Steve Hacket' (see the album 'At The Edge Of Light' from early 2019 here). They evolve in a melodic rock tinted with progressive where 'Jonas Čiurlionis' and 'Božena Buinicka' provide a remarkable vocal duo as in the melancholic 'Singing Tree' and can recall the complicity between 'Olivia Sparnenn 'and' Bryan Josh 'of' Mostly Autumn '(see their latest album here). 'Get Rid of This' opens the album with melodic lines close to the 'Floyds', then, the eponymous title of the album continues in this way with a title that is much more progressive with changes of tempos and style and especially a Hispanic section where 'Glenn Sharp' intervenes beautifully. Follows the epic and energetic 'The Guardian of the Water Tower' which softens in the 2nd part, then, 'Templar's Last Stand' with his keyboard solo in the style of 'John Lord' takes us back to the '70s and' Love of Life 'is a beautiful ballad interspersed with a more unbridled instrumental part. As for 'Dry Water', we embark on a disturbing atmosphere between East and West where the guest 'Durga Mc Broom' gives us beautiful vocalises. Finally, 'Dead End' is a bit of a summary of what the Luthuanians have offered us so far with a typical progressive song that alternates the sung and instrumental parts with tempo breaks and the album ends with the short 'Communication' a little more all-purpose. In summary, the Lithuanians of 'The Skys' released an album full of catchy and varied titles that should appeal to an amateur audience of progressive rock melodic...

Line Up / Musicians

Jonas Čiurlionis (Vocal, Guitar), Božena Buinicka (Keybords, Vocal), Justinas Tamaševičius (Bass), Ilja Molodcov (Drums) + Guests : Snowy White (Guitar), Neil Taylor (Guitar), Glenn Sharp (Guitar), Durga McBroom (Choirs), India Carney (Choirs), Justin Klunk (Saxophone), Rob Townsend (Saxophone)