Artist : Son Of Man

Album : State Of Dystopia

Release Date : 27-03-2020

Added : 06-05-2020

It is with 'State Of Dystopia' that I discover the Welshmen of 'Son Of Man' who released an eponymous first album of the group's name in 2016 (see here) and who evolve in a fairly classic rock referring to the 70s/80s with a mix of genres that can range from international variety to muscular hard-rock. Note that 'George Jones' and 'Bob Richards' were part of the group 'Man' in the 2000s and that 'George Jones' is the son of the lead guitar of 'Man', 'Micky Jones'.

'Conscience' opens the ball with a catchy title reminiscent of the 70s and rhythms close to 'Led Zeppelin' or 'Deep Purple' with guitar riffs which makes you want to beat time, then , 'Feeding Time' continues in this energetic atmosphere while 'Bring Out The Best In Me' is much quieter and can recall westcoast tones with 'Eagles' choruses. With 'When It Fall Apart', it's a fairly classic blues / rock but super efficient and always very rhythmic, then, 'Auto Devotion' puts forward the guitar riffs close to 'AC/DC' tempos and, without transition, 'One With The Voice' returns to a more peaceful rock reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, just like 'Reign of Yesterday' which follows. The rest of the album scrolls through 'What The Man Said', a good blues/rock simple but very effective with remarkable vocal arrangements, then, 'March With The Drum' which is a song against war that could have been sung by artists from the pop/rock scene of the 60s, a lively 'New Beginning' with its electronic sounds of the seventies and finally 'Too Many Questions' which ends the album with a song with harmonious melodic lines.

In summary, the Welshmen of 'Son Of Man' offer us a remarkable album of classic rock influenced by the great currents of the 60s, 70s and 80s and 'State Of Dystopia' is a bit of a digest of different styles of pop/rock with a modern sound and should appeal to a fairly large audience because all the compositions are accessible at first listening thanks to simple but effective melodies...

Line Up / Musicians

George Jones (Guitar, Vocal), Bob Richards (Drums, Vocal), Glenn Quinn (Guitar, Bass, Vocal), Richie Galloni (Vocal), Marco James (Keybords, Vocal)