Artist : Burn

Album : Ice Age

Release Date : 28-02-2018

Added : 30-03-2018

'Burn' is a British hard rock band that has been around for many years since their debut album dates back to the '80s and 'Ice Age' is only their 4th album, the last 'Global Warning' already dating back to 2007. The trio Barney, Marc and Phil are still there, but for this last opus, the singer 'Steve Newman' joined the group and 'Chris Green' who is also a member of 'Tyketto' (see their latest album Here) is the new lead guitar of the band. At first, with 'Irontown', the stage is set with powerful and melodic hard-rock where you can’t prevent yourself to headbang. 'Jealousy', even if the introduction could make one think of a quieter title, is in the same style with a catchy chorus. But they also know how to vary their style and the second part of the album presents less powerful titles such as 'The Girl Who Wanted Everything' shared between acoustic and electric, then 'Live Again' with its rhythm close to 'Status Quo' and 'Wasteland', beautiful piano/voice ballad that follows. In summary, after a long period without any release, the English of 'Burn' return to the front of the stage and this 'Ice Age' should appeal to all lovers of hard-rock melodic...

Line Up / Musicians

Barney Stackhouse (Keybords), Marc Stackhouse (Bass), Phil Hammond (Guitar), Steve Newman (Vocal), Chris Green (Guitar)