Artist : Magic Pie

Album : The Suffering Joy

Release Date : 19-12-2016

Added : 13-05-2017

In reality, the album 'The Suffering Joy' has been released in 2011 and as the label of 'Magic Pie' decided to reissue it at the end of 2016 and I did not know it, I discovered it on this occasion. It is a concept album that tells the life of a man from birth until his death. I was literally caught by the main title 'A Life's Work', cut in 4 parts, which take us in very varied progressive styles : the short introduction is atmospheric and we follow on a powerful instrumental title which can make think to 'Dream Theater'. The 3rd act is much quieter and acoustic which made me think of the atmosphere of 'Mother' of 'Pink Floyd'; The 4th chapter which is the masterpiece of more than 17 minutes mix different ambiences that move us from a progressive metal with instrumental parts integrating electric guitars and keyboards to calmer parts passing by the main theme sung and its catchy melody and its vocal harmonies that intensify the epic side. The continuation is a progressive rock always varied but more classic and obviously we think of some progressive’s bands of the 70/80. In conclusion, 'The Suffering Joy' is a catchy album that, like good wine, improves over the course of time and listening and that will inevitably remain dedicated for a warned audience...

Line Up / Musicians

Eirik Hanssen (Vocal, Guitar), Eirikur Hauksson (Vocal, Guitar), Gilbert Marshall (Vocal, Keybords), Jan Torkild Johannessen (Drums), Kim Stenberg (Guitar), Lars Petter Holstad (Bass), Mary Bentsen (Vocal)