Artist : Shakra

Album : Snakes & Ladders

Release Date : 10-11-2017

Added : 20-01-2018

The Swiss 'Shakra' are beginning to be well known in the hard rock scene and 2017 sees the release of their eleventh album in twenty years. The recipe is always the same with energetic compositions and refrains that immediately get into your head. 'Marc Fox', the early singer who had returned to the previous album 'High Noon', makes me think to 'Brian Adams' but in more hard rock, the guitar solos of 'Thom Blunier', although enough classic, are always very effective. I could name all the titles because they are all the same level, but I prefer to talk about the ballad 'Open Water' and the catchy 'The End of Days' and say that it is not only the Germans of 'Scorpions' who know how to make titles to make sing stadiums (see the Shakra ballads below playlist). In short, with 'Snakes & Ladders', although some regret the lack of risk-taking, 'Shakra' continue to do what they have always done so well : simply made 'Shakra' to the delight of fans ...

Line Up / Musicians

Mark Fox (Vocal), Dominik Pfister (Bass), Roger Tanner (Drums), Thom Blunier (Guitar), Thomas Muster (Guitar)