Artist : Laura Marling

Album : Semper Femina

Release Date : 17-03-2017

Added : 31-03-2017

The Englishwoman 'Laura Marling', at 27 years old and already 5 albums to her credit, just released 'Semper Femina' in this beginning of 2017. She offers us intimate compositions on the status of women in our time. The whole is very stripped and her voice is the central instrument accompanied, depending of title, by an acoustic or electric guitar, a jazzy bass and violins as in 'The Valley' where she recorded a second voice that gives a particular relief. With 'Wild Fire', it's a pure swing where she highlights all her sensitivity. I could quote all songs because each has its own personality with always this feeling of being in a dream, floating on a cloud and amazed by Laura’s gift to tell stories. In summary, with this 'Semper Femina', 'Laura Marling' goes to the essence of the music for the enjoyment of the listener and confirms her talent of songwriter and performer...

Line Up / Musicians

Laura Marling (Vocal, Guitar)