Artist : Sweet Mary Jane

Album : Winter In Paradise

Release Date : 27-01-2017

Added : 16-03-2017

One again, it’s Sweden in the spotlight with a new melodic rock band (known as AOR) who are surfing on the wave of 'Foreigner', 'Last Autumn's Dreams' or 'Pride Of Lions' (see last review here). Generally, in this style, the recipe is well-oiled with melodies that attract from the first listening and this is the case of this first album 'Winter In Paradise'. The majority of the titles is very energetic but are interspersed with few quieter songs like 'Miracle', 'Angel Of Mine' or 'Keep the Fire Burning'. In short, as you will have understood, 'Sweet Mary Jane' broadens the family of melodic rock with an album to consume on-trade to the greatest delight of fans of this music genre...

Line Up / Musicians

Alexander Olsson (Bass), Andreas Sparby (Drums), Per-olof Asberg (Guitars), Tomas Berggren (Vocal), Tomas Nässlin (Guitars / Keybords)