Artist : Opera Magna

Album : Del Amor y otros Demonios

Release Date : 01-02-2019

Added : 12-03-2019

'Del Amor and Tros Demonios - Acto III' is the last act of the trilogy started in 2014 and just released in early February 2019. The 3 acts are now gathered in an album of 1 hour and 20 minutes and the cover is now complete with a merge of the 3 covers of the EPs to make a complete fresco. For those who missed the previous episodes, 'Del Amor y otros Demonios' is a concept album in 3 parts of the Spanishs of ‘Opera Magna' who evolve in symphonic and epic power metal and the theme revolves around the feelings and emotions of human being. The first 2 EPs were marked by a mix of influences from opera as well as film music, all of which was metalized in a powerful and epic style. The third act is therefore the logical continuation and the Spaniards continue in this epic and grandiose atmosphere: the short introduction 'Requiem por un Vivo' brings us back to Mozart's sacred music and is reminiscent of certain passages in the Requiem. 'Mi Reino, El Olvido' that follows, starts like a musicof western with grandiose choruses that give way to a metal part enough speed that can recall the various projects of 'Luca Turilli' (see the album 'Prometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus' here). With 'Una Piedra en Dos Mitades', after a 3-minute instrumental introduction reminiscent of big-budget movie music, vocalizations by Spanish soprano 'Marta Barbe' introduce a part where Jose shares the singing with Marta in a tragic operatic atmosphere that offers a grandiose crescendo on the end. Follows 'In Nomine' which returns to a more classical powerful symphonic metal with grandiose choirs on the 2nd part of this last act ends with 'Lo Soñado Y Lo Vivido' of more than 11 minutes which is the culminating point, where 2 parts melancholic piano / voice surrounds 8 minutes which contain all the ingredients of a grandiose power metal that 'Opera Magna' has implemented in this trilogy. In summary, the Spaniards of ‘Opera Magna' confirm that they are the spearheads of a very particular kind quite common in the Mediterranean countries that are Spain and Italy but reserved for an informed public who loves this mixture between the power metal and the classical music and, with the last act of 'Del Amor y otros Demonios', they complete in a very beautiful way this ambitious work which can be now listened to integrally...

Line Up / Musicians

Jose Vte. Broseta (Vocal), Enrique Mompó (Guitar), Adrià Romero (Drums), Javier Nula (Guitar), Alejandro Penella (Bass), Rubén Casas (Keybords) + Guests : Mata Barbe (Vocal), Miguel Ángel Franco (Vocal)