Artist : Opera Magna

Album : Directo En Fireworks Estudios

Release Date : 24-12-2017

Added : 24-01-2018

'Opera Magna' is a Spanish band that has about twenty years of existence but that has released 2 studio and 2 EP albums and evolves in a 'Speed Metal' style as bands like 'Rhapsody' or 'Derdian'. 'Directo En Fireworks Estudios' which was released at the end of 2017 is, in fact, a 'best of' their first albums but it has the particularity to contain only studio live recordings done throughout 2017 and posted on ‘You Tube’. Of the 13 titles, 9 are from the 2 EPs of 2014 and 2015, the first 3 from the album 'El Último Caballero' from 2006 and the last title from the album 'Poe' from 2010. This is the video ‘You Tube’ of 'El Último Caballero' that I propose to you because it summarizes well this group which can pass from a fast rhythm to parts much quieter with a line always very melodic and obvious influences in their Espanique culture. In short, 'Directo En Fireworks Estudios' is a great gift for all fans of the group and a way for others to get an idea of what is called the 'Speed Metal'...

Line Up / Musicians

Jose Vte. Broseta (Vocal), Adrià Romero (Drums), Enrique Mompó (Guitar), Javier Nula (Guitar), Alejandro Penella (Bass), Rubén Casas (Keybords) + Guest : Teresa Broseta (Vocal)