Artist : Alex Carpani

Album : So Close. So Far.

Release Date : 04-03-2016

Added : 02-01-2017

With 'Alex Carpani' who early 2016 released his 4th album ' SoClose. SoFar.' under his name, one is immersed in a very accessible progressive universe with a recurring theme in our time: the 'virtual' communication kills real communication and isolated individuals but the human being has the capacity him to change everything. His influences well obviously many, 'Genesis' or 'Alan Parson Project' for older groups such as 'IQ' or 'RPWL' for the most recent. 10 compositions are varied and melodic with catchy titles like 'I Tried And Tried', 'Man On The Wire' or 'Next Time' which makes me think of 'RPWL' and other quieter as 'Stay With Me', 'One Face One Lie' or 'The Last Sign' which closed the album in an admirable way. In short, 'Alex Carpani' gratifies us a new album very enjoyable to listen to and which beyond progressive rock fans will appeal to a much wider audience...
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Line Up / Musicians

Alex Carpani (Keybords, Vocal), Ettore Salati (Guitars), Joe Sal (Vocal, Guitar), Giambattista Giorgi (Bass), Martino Malacrida (Drums)