Artist : Persona

Album : Metamorphosis

Release Date : 15-09-2017

Added : 28-11-2017

'Metamorphosis' is the 2nd contribution of the Tunisian of symphonic metal band 'Persona' whose I chronicled their first album (see Here). With this last opus, they have greatly hardened their style and this 'Metamorphosis' begins with the singer 'Jelena Dobric' whose extreme voice rubs more and more her sung voice. For example, in 'The Omen of Dawnfall', the band mixes melancholic melodic parts with others much more aggressive. In general, the compositions are more accomplished and more studied with ruptures of rhythm and style that make them much less accessible than those of the first opus but which in return make them richer and therefore require several listens to tame them. It is therefore necessary to love great deviations, for example in 'Prologue' where the baroque introduction with a harpsichord gives way to guttural singing and all this is in the first 30 seconds. To summarize, with this 2nd album, 'Persona' tooks with the risk of cutting itself of a certain public but this 'Metamorphosis' definitively shows all the ambition of this group which knew how to forge its own identity of style leaving its comfort zone...

Line Up / Musicians

Jelena Dobric (Vocal), Melik Melek Khelifa (Guitar), Yosri Ouada (Guitar), Youssef Aouadi (Drums), Walid Bessadok (Keybords), Nesrine Mahbouli (Bass)