Artist : The Night Flight Orchestra

Album : Amber Galactic

Release Date : 19-05-2017

Added : 17-09-2017

You are looking for lively and accessible pop/rock music that comes straight out of the 70's/80's. Look no further, here is the latest album 'Amber Galactic' from the Swedish band 'The Night Flight Orchestra'. It begins with the energetic 'Midnight Fear' on the boundary between rock and hard rock, and then arrives the hopping 'Star Of Rio' which leaves its place to the no less effective 'Gemini'. The sequel continues with the same quality and the titles follow one after the other with unstoppable melodies which immediately enter your head and which make us navigate between 'Supertramp', 'Toto', 'Foreigner', 'Bee Gees' and Many other artists of the 70s. For the anecdote, the members of 'The Night Flight Orchestra' are all from a extreme metal band, like what... In summary, there are unpretentious albums that are just here to give us pleasure to listen to light titles of another time and this 'Amber Galactic' is part of it...

Line Up / Musicians

Björn Strid (Vocal), Sharlee D' Angelo (Bass), David Andersson (Guitar), Richard Larsson (Keybords), Jonas Källsbäck (Drums)