Artist : Johnny Oskam

Album : In My Shadow

Release Date : 14-03-2017

Added : 13-11-2017

After 'Andrew Chapman', I return to the new album of a young artist, 'Johnny Oskam', released in early 2017, 'In My Shadow'. In the footsteps of rock artists of the 60s and 70s as varied as 'Led Zeppelin' or 'Jimi Hendrix', he perpetuates a style of music between blues, rock and hard rock with an excellent feeling both in his singing and in his guitar playing. With 'Badlands', between rock and hard rock, the influence of 'Led Zep' is evident, then comes 'Deep In My Bones' which is more in line with bands like 'Doors'. With 'Turn The Key', it's a much newer hard-rock style with a search for vocal harmonies and 'Hold Your Tongue' is a more primary title with a tempo that makes you kick your foot. In short, 'Johnny Oskam', when only 22 years old, has already an impressive palette of different styles which allows him to offer us a very varied album which should please all amateurs sailing between blues, rock and hard rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Johnny Oskam (Vocal, Guitar), Katin Burns (Drums), Marc Encebo (Bass), Kyle Schafer (Keybords)