Artist : Peter Karp

Album : Blue Flame

Release Date : 02-02-2018

Added : 15-03-2018

'Peter Karp' is a well-known bluesman, singer and guitarist in the United States and has just released 'Blue Flame' which is already his 9th album. Having played alongside artists such as 'Willie Dixon', 'John Lee Hooker' or 'Don Henley', he is part of the great tradition of an authentic blues/rock and for the occasion he invited others musicians like 'Mick Taylor', guitarist of the 'Rolling Stones' in the first period or 'Kim Wilson' who plays harmonica on 'Rolling on a Log' and 'Loose Ends'. The title of the opus is a good vision of the content because 'Blue Flame' comes from a conversation of 'Peter Karp' with 'Willie Dixon' who told him : “When it’s honest and real it burns hot, like a blue flame.”. We navigate between blues and rock with energetic compositions like 'Train O' Mine', 'Loose Ends', the very traditional 'The Arson's March' and 'The Nietzsche Lounge' or 'Treat Me Right' where you can’t stop snapping fingers, and others with a good feeling like 'The Turning Point', the sensual blues 'You know' or 'Valentine's Day' and its beautiful slide guitar accompaniment through songs where the diction is get closer to 'Bob Dylan' like 'From Where I Sand' or the ballad 'Round and Around'. In short, with 'Blue Flame', even if most titles are not recent, 'Peter Karp' offers us a very good album of authentic blues/rock for the delight of all fans of this timeless style...

Line Up / Musicians

Peter Karp (Guitar, Piano, Vocal), Mike Catapano (Drums), Niles Terrat (Bass) + Guests : Mick Taylor (Guitar), Todd Wolfe (Guitar), Paul Carbonara (Guitar), Dennis Gruenling, Dave Keyes (Keybords), Kim Wilson (Harmonica)