Artist : Enzo and the Glory Ensemble

Album : In The Name of the Son

Release Date : 29-09-2017

Added : 04-01-2018

The case of ‘Enzo and the Glory Ensemble' is quite strange. This project is the baby of ‘Enzo Donnarumma' who is Italian and who had in mind to compose biblical metal operas and after 'In The Name of the Father' in 2015, now, he is attacking to 'In The Name of the Son' in 2017 (guess what will be the third album ...). To try to understand this new album, you must know that Enzo is influenced by an impressive number of musical currents that go from classical music to extreme metal, including blues, rock and many other styles, that he is graduated in classical guitar and passionate about Christian theology. With that, what’s look like this album in which he invited a host of guests from the metal scene. Well, it does not look like anything conventional : you have to be open to diametrically opposed styles to join and, an advice, do not try to cling on to any musical references because you have to take this opus as something completely apart; each title is unique and we can feel an impressive work in the writing and the arrangements. In summary, with 'In The Name of the Son', 'Enzo Donnarumma' releases a rich and complex album that will inevitably be limited to an informed public open to styles that are not usually used to mix...

Line Up / Musicians

Enzo Donnarumma (Vocal, Guitar) + Guests : Gary Wehrkamp (Guitar), Alessandro Battini (Keybords), Amulyn (Vocal), Brian Ashland (Vocal), David Brown (Keybords), Derek Corzine (Guitar), Giacomo Manfredi (Bass), Kobi Farhi (Vocal), Mark Zonder (Drums), Marty Friedman (Guitar), Nicholas Leptos (Vocal), Ralf Scheepers (Vocal), Tina Gagliotta