Artist : Dark Moor

Album : Origins

Release Date : 16-01-2019

Added : 01-03-2019

With 'Dark Moor', we do not really know what to expect at each album release and the last, 'Project X', released in 2015, was not very well received by all critics because it saw the Spaniards take a new musical direction that was not to everyone's taste but which, for my part, even if I had not completely adhered, showed this quality to challenge themselves. With 'Origins', we go again in another direction with a folk component which we weren’t accustomed. From the first title, with 'Birth of the Sun', it starts in a happy atmosphere with a catchy melody that puts you right in the bath, then, 'The Specters Dance' is more classic but keeps this folk component in the instrumental parts. 'Crossing Through Your Heart' that follows is a hit with its chorus that enter in your head and with 'Raggle Taggle Gypsy' which is the cover of the traditional song Scottish, we return to folk music with the use of a bouzouki. Change of scene with 'In The Middle of the Night' which begins as a title of 'Rainbow' but whose melody flirts with the international variety of the 80s then 'And for Ever' is the first ballad in a celtic style. The rest continues in this pathwork of genres with beautiful melodies and additions of folk components, the whole all remaining far from the power metal tag that the band had and it is not the very beautiful last acoustic ballad 'Green Lullaby' that will Say the opposite. In summary, the Spaniards of 'Dark Moor' surprise us once again with this new album very endearing which sees appearing a folk components with accessible compositions mixing song, pop, folk, rock and hard-rock...

Line Up / Musicians

Alfred Romero (Vocal), Enrik Garcia (Guitar), Dani Fernández (Bass), Roberto Cappa (Drums) + Guests : Pablo Sancha (Piano), Luigi Stefanini (Hammond), Mara Boston (Chœurs), Marcos Campos (Bagpipe), Patricia Alcocer (Violin), Xosé Liz (Bouzouki, Requinta), Alfonso G. Blanco (Guitar)