Artist : Karfagen

Album : Messages from Afar : First Contact

Release Date : 22-11-2017

Added : 08-01-2018

'Karfagen' is one of the projects of Ukrénian 'Antony Kalugin' who is already at his tenth studio recording with 'Messages from Afar : First Contact'. This is a nearly complete instrumental concept album divided into 2 parts, the second should be released in 2018 under the name of 'Sunchild' , the Antony's other project, and the theme is a tribute to the progressive rock of the late 20th century with obviously nods to the biggest bands of this period like 'Pink-Floyd', 'Genesis' or 'ELP'. We navigate in the middle of melodic compositions where keyboards take a prominent place and make you think of the sounds of the 70s/80s. Note that the last title 'Constant Flow', more than 15 minutes, is a good summary of this album: it is composed in different drawers where 'Anotony Kalugin' lets wander his overflowing imagination. In summary, with this new album, it is still a very good album that propose us 'Antony Kalugin' with his project 'Karfagen' and we await the following with impatience...

Line Up / Musicians

Antony Kalugin (Keybords, Vocal, Percussions), Max Velychko (Guitar), Kostya Shepelenko (Drums), Oleg Prokhorov (Bass), Olha Rostovska (Vocal), Michail Sidorenko (Saxophone)