Artist : Serenity

Album : Lionheart

Release Date : 27-10-2017

Added : 03-01-2018

You want very epic symphonic metal with a story that clings to the music. Well, I have what you need : the last album 'Lionheart' of the Austrians 'Serenity' tells the epic of the King of England 'Richard the Lionheart'. To do this, all compositions are perfectly suited to this kind of theme because everything has been done to offer us a symphonic and melodic metal atmosphere with catchy titles from the first listening and refrains to sing a whole stadium. After, the symphonic instrumental introduction 'Deus Lo Vult', 'United' sets the scene and we already have a first hit in concert and, knowing the charisma of 'Georg', I see him very well singing the audience to unison on the 'hohoho' of the end of the title. The sequel is the image of this beginning, with compositions all very accessible that we integrate immediately and this until the beautiful last title 'The Final Crusade' where 'Georg' has appealed to the young female singer 'Federica Lanna' and, for my part, I would have liked her to intervene a little more because the merger of the voices of 'Federica' and 'Georg' is simply sublime. In short, this last album 'Lionheart' is a total success and if I had described their previous album of good vintage 2016 (see Here), the 2017 vintage is still a cut above...

Line Up / Musicians

Georg Neuhauser (Vocal), Chris “Cris Tian” Hermsdörfer (Guitar, Choirs), Fabio D'Amore (Bass, Vocal), Andreas Schipflinger (Drums, Vocal, Choirs) + Guests : Jan Vacik (Vocal, Choirs), Katja Moslenher (Vocal), Federica Lanna (Vocal), Franz-Joseph Hause (Choirs), Bob Katsionis (Guitar)