Artist : Inventions

Album : Curiosity

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 10-03-2018

'Christiaan Bruin' is a German composer and multi-instrumentist living in an apart universe where he draws his influences from different styles ranging from progressive rock to symphonic rock through to classical and contemporary music. First, he released 5 albums under the name 'Chris' available under Spotify (see Here) and then created an original project in 2015, 'The Black Codex' which sent subscribers a composition every week during one whole year. Then he participated in several projects including the progressive rock group 'Sky Architect' of which he is one of the co-founders but also 'Nine Stones Close', 'Mayra Orchestra' and 'Adeia'. It is therefore an eclectic artist touching all that continues with the project 'Inventions' dating from 2017 to offer us compositions this time related to videos (see his site Here). 'Curiosity' is the sequel to 'Meta' and the style explores new musical horizons with rather soft titles that make us travel in a kind of cozy cocoon where the voice of Christiaan, in some places simply whispered, reinforces this impression of sweetness which makes 'Curiosity' something quite original mixing electronic pop and classical music. In short, if you want to escape in a hushed and aerian atmosphere, this last baby 'Curiosity' of the very talented 'Christiaan Bruin' is for you...

Line Up / Musicians

Christiaan Bruin (Tous les instruments, Vocal), Anne Bakker (Vocal), Madeleine Brozek (Violin), Maartje Dekker (Vocal), Ruben van Kruisum (Cello), Adrian Jones (Guitar)