Artist : Conception

Album : State of Deception

Release Date : 03-04-2020

Added : 13-05-2020

'Conception' is a Norwegian band which already has thirty years of existence and which released 4 albums in the 90s then returned to the front of the progressive metal scene in 2018 with an EP 'My Dark Symphony' and 2020 sees the release of a short album (about 33 minutes if you don't count' Feather Moves' which is a remastered title of a 2018 single including 3 titles) but which requires repeated listening to extract all the essential marrow.

After the short symphonic instrumental introduction 'in: Deception' which sets the scene in a disturbing atmosphere, 'Of Raven and Pigs' is based on a repetitive riff with a first part sung and an offbeat guitar solo which judiciously integrates into the tempo and a finish where crowd noises accentuate this feeling of flight forward. Then follows 'Waywardly Broken', a mid-tempo that alternates tension and relaxation with a beautiful vocal performance of 'Roy Khan' and a new guitar solo with 'Gilmourian' sounds (the tempo reminds me of 'Sorrow'), then, 'No Rewind' takes us on a fast and dense track because despite its short duration, several parts follow one another making it one of the most striking titles. With 'The Mansion' in which the singer of 'Amaranth', 'Elize Ryd' has been invited for the high parts, it is a magnificent ballad which allows a break and is certainly the most affordable title with a super melodic chorus, and 'By The Blues' comes back to a catchy and energetic composition, then 'Anybody Out There', with its slow and heavy rhythm, is for me, one of the flagship songs of the album which can recall the tempos of 'Leprous' (see their latest album here). It is with, first of all, the energetic 'She Dragoon' with its melody which easily enters your head, and then the resumption of 'Feather Moves' that the album ends on a more calm and melancholic note.

In summary, the Norwegians of ‘Conception’ come back with an album which improves, listening after listening with a real talent to mix different intensities and rhythms and State ‘of Deception’ should appeal to a whole public adept of a progressive metal which is original and sought...

Line Up / Musicians

Roy Khan (Vocal), Tore Østby (Guitar), Ingar Amlien (Bass), Arve Heimdal (Drums) + Guest : Elize Ryd (Vocal)