Artist : Airrace

Album : Untold Stories

Release Date : 10-08-2018

Added : 11-11-2018

After a first period of activity from 1983 to 1986 during which the Englishs of ‘Airrace' made the first parts in the tours of 'Def Leppard' and 'Queen', it is more than 20 years later in 2009 that the group goes back on stage to reform and start a new career with a 'Back to the Start' album whose title was a kind of nod to their brief passage in the 80s. A decade has passed and it's the turn of 'Untold Stories' to see the light of day. From the start, with 'Running out of Time', we are immersed in the 80s with a melodic rock close to 'Toto' that grabs your attention from the first chords, then, 'Innocent' slightly hardens the tone while keeping these roots AOR and 'Eyes Like Ice' continues in this way with a melodic title and a catchy chorus. With 'Different but the Same', the English flirt with a hard rock close to 'Deep Purple' first period as 'New Skin' and its marked rhythm. The quieter titles are not forgotten with the beautiful ballad 'Lost' which makes me think of a westcoast style and 'Love is Love' which is more a classic rock close to 'Foreigner', the album ending in 2 catchy melodic jewelry 'Come With Us' and 'Here It Comes'. In summary, even if they will not revolutionize melodic rock, the Englishs of ‘Airrace' released a quality album with 11 very accessible titles that should appeal to all rock and hard rock fans of the 70s/80s...

Line Up / Musicians

Adam Payne (Vocal), Laurie Mansworth (Guitar), Rocky Newton (Bass), Dhani Mansworth (Drums), Linda Kelsey Foster (Keybords)