Artist : Enzo and the Glory Ensemble

Album : In The Name of the World Spirit

Release Date : 27-03-2020

Added : 02-05-2020

'Enzo Donnarumma' continues its path in the biblical album concept and 'In The Name of the Spirit' is therefore the third part closing the triptych because, after 'In the name of the Father' and 'In the name of the Son', it was only missing ‘In the name of the Holy Spirit' and it's done with this last album well filled because it’s more than 60 minutes music available to us. We are now used to the principle of the Italian who invites artists from the international scene, mixing styles and for 'In The Name of the World Spirit', we can quote the singer 'Kobi Farhi' from 'Orphaned Land', the singer 'Ralf Scheepers' from 'Primal Fear', multi-instrumentalist 'Gary Wehrkamp' and drummer 'Mark Zonder' (see their album here) or the singer 'Nicholas Leptos' of the band 'Arrayan Path' but also the choir 'Weza Meza Choir' from the Congo which expands remarkably the vocal section. In short, beautiful people to interpret this last part which takes us in a style that we could qualify as world music, between classical, rock and metal, the multiple influences of Enzo, between east and west being mixed very subtly with a great talent.

So, of course, as often in this case, it takes several listenings to penetrate all the corners of this dense and rich work which is full of sumptuous moments as much at the vocal level (with this casting, it is not no wonder !!) that on the instrumental level, each artist putting himself at the service of the work. The compositions are divided between energy and serenity and after, the short symphonic instrumental introduction 'Precariousness', 'Nothingness (It's Everyone's Fate)', the tone is given with a playful and melodic title with a nice alternation between vocal and instrumental sections, then 'The Bronze Age', introduced by a flute/acoustic guitar mixture in a country atmosphere, then shows another much more energetic face with a frantic rhythm and grandiose choruses. With 'Try To Put In Pit The Fear', the mixture of influences brings a freshness to this title and I have the impression to hear a cross between 'Johnny Clegg and Savuka', some traditional folk and oriental metal close to 'Orphaned Land', then, 'To Every Chest' completely changes of register with a ballad which could be from an American musical comedy with radiant choirs. Ethnic singings begin the next track 'Just In My Heart The Blame' which quickly hardens the tone with a heady melody and several changes of intensity and tempo and makes it a fairly complex and difficult to tame track and 'I' ll Add More' brings us back to a much quieter cartoon song vibe in the major 'Disney' productions. The following shows us other horizons with, first of all, 'My Pillory', and its orientalizing introduction which quickly turns into a frenzied title close to speed metal like 'Rhapsody', the ballad 'Last Sweep' with its zither begining which offers us a fairly classic but very effective melody, then 'Psalm 13 (Tell Me)', which is certainly the most progressive because it is filled with multiple corners and alternating two fairly distant styles, classic and metal, while mixing east and west. 'Echo' is then a rather short but grandiose title that can recall the great productions of 'Ayreon' (see 'Arjen Anthony Lucassen's last live here), and 'One Reason' is the last energetic track with a plethora of choirs and the album ends in a syrupy atmosphere with' The Silence Speaks For Us' and with a new nod to American musicals with an imposing finale.

In summary, with 'In The Name of the World Spirit', 'Enzo Donnarumma' closes his triptych very beautifully and takes us again into a maze of influences that take time to tame them but which , like any work of this density and variety, takes on its full dimension, little by little, listening after listening, which means it is intended for an informed audience who likes to mix genres that are quite far apart from each other...

Line Up / Musicians

Enzo Donnarumma (Vocal) + Guests : Philip Bynoe (Bass), Mark Zonder (Drums), Gary Wehrkamp (Guitar), Francesco Romeggini (Guitar), Derek Corzine (Guitar), David Brown (Keybords), Alessandro Battini (Keybords), Weza Meza Choir (Choirs), Marty Friedman (Vocal), Kobi Farhi (Vocal), Ralf Scheepers (Vocal), Brian Ashland (Vocal), Nicholas Leptos (Vocal), Amulyn Braught Corzine (Vocal), Maria Londino (Vocal), Mr. Jack (Vocal), Claudia Coticelli (Vocal), Clara People (Vocal)