Artist : Touchstone

Album : Lights From The Sky EP

Release Date : 28-11-2016

Added : 09-01-2017

New Line Up for 'Touchstone', who released an EP 'Lights From The Sky' with a new singer 'Aggie Figurska' and a new 'Liam Holme' keyboardist. The result is in continuity with the previous opus: a very melodic progressive rock dominated by the Adam guitar riffs and supported by the keyboards of Liam. Aggie shows the extent of his talent and his very successful integration into the group. Only 3 titles (the 4th being a cover from 'Lights From The Sky' in Polish version) for this EP, but we feel a real potential with catchy melodies that make me think of some places to 'Karnataka'. And, if they can stabilize this training, we can wish them to this essay in the future with a true studio album...
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Line Up / Musicians

Aggie Figurska (Vocal), Adam Hodgson (Guitar), Henry William Rogers (Drums), Liam Holmes (Keybords), Paul 'moo' Moorghen (Bass)