Artist : Steve Walsh

Album : Black Butterfly

Release Date : 10-11-2017

Added : 04-03-2018

I come back to the 'Steve Walsh's new album, 'Black Butterfly', which he released at the end of 2017 at about the same time as the last' Kansas '(see Here). The former singer of 'Kansas' continues a solo career and this last baby is his third album since the early 2000s and for the occasion he invited the singer 'Jerome Mazza' who is at the origin of the céation du group 'Pinnacle Point'. For those who thought to find the style of 'Kansas' in this album, it's partly missed because 'Black Butterfly' is more tinted AOR or rock FM with titles like 'The Piper', 'Dear Kolinda' or 'Hell or Hih Water' which are very accessible with melodies that immediately enter your head. One can also note some more rock titles like 'Born in Fire' or 'Billy Carbone Is Dead', the beautiful ballad 'Now Until Forever' and the mid-tempo 'Mercy on me'. In short, this 'Black Butterfly' is a varied and very accessible album that should appeal to a broad public that like rock FM or AOR...

Line Up / Musicians

Steve Walsh (Vocal, Piano), Tommy Denander (Guitars, Keybords), Brian Anthony (Bass), Jerome Mazza (Vocal), Peter Yttergren (Drums), Steve Overland (Choirs)