Artist : Trobar de Morte

Album : Witchcraft

Release Date : 22-08-2018

Added : 09-11-2018

After 'Ouroboros' released in 2016 (see here) with which I discovered the Spanishs of 'Trobar de Morte', 2018 sees the release of the 7th studio album 'Witchcraft' which is inscribed in the continuity of previous albums. We find the captivating and soothing folk atmosphere that we knew with compositions accessible from the first listening with which we embark in a medieval time where the vocal harmonies are particularly worked notably thanks to 'Lady Morte' which has a beautiful soft voice and bewitching. The singer is also the author / composer of the band and she draws her influences from the Hispanic tradition which gives off this particular atmosphere of a subtle fusion between Orient and Occident. In summary, if you are an amateur of medieval folk or more generally if you seek to escape in a relaxing and exotic musical journey, this latest album 'Trobar de Morte' is certainly made for you...

Line Up / Musicians

Lady Morte (Vocal, Flute, Hurdy Gurdy, Keybords), Moonvic (Bass, Percussions), Daimoniel (Guitar), Sined Zulim (Percussions), Üri Bokskog (Flute, Bagpipe, Choirs)