Artist : Lipshok

Album : To Haunt a Quiet Realm

Release Date : 31-10-2016

Added : 05-03-2017

'Lipshok' is an American band with a female singer which evolves in a rock/metal style. On their facebook, they say that they are influenced by the great names of symphonic metal but singer Debbi evolves in a rock record classic and finally the style is closer to melodic rock bands. They are lucky to be supported by metal guitarist 'Glen Avelais' (formerly 'Forbidden') with sumptuous solo guitars for example in 'Crawl Back Home'. The 10 titles share between energetic titles as 'Bad Place', 'Cawl Back Home', or even 'Through It All', others more mid-tempo as 'A Soul That Dreams', 'The Unwinding' or even 'More Of You' and finally ballads such as 'Wanderer' or the instrumental title track 'To Haunt a Quiet Realm'. In summary, we spend a very good time listening to this last 'Lipshok' that should appeal to all rock fans who appreciate groups from 'Karnataka' to 'Halestorm'...

Line Up / Musicians

Debbi Douglas “Scarlett Dark“ (Vocal, Keybords), Phil Jameson (Bass), Joe Londeree (Drums), Glen Avelais (Guitar)