Artist : Dooren

Album : The Darkest Days

Release Date : 28-01-2019

Added : 28-03-2019

While 'Within Temptation’ with their latest album have tried new sounds (see here), some continue in the way that the Dutch had traced in the early 2000s and 'Dooren', a newly created Brazilian group, is one of them. Composed of the female singer and lyricist 'Ludmila Reis' and 'Celo Oliveira' who is the orchestra man because he composes, plays all the instruments and has also done the mixing, 'The Darkest Days' is their first studio album. After a first listen, not obvious that the metal tag is the most appropriate because we navigate between rock and symphonic metal and the metal side is brought only by the saturation of guitars but the rhythm is in the majority made by mid-tempo and some titles are clearly symphonic rock, see atmospheric, like 'Hideplace', 'Mistake', 'No Man's Land' or 'The Darkest Days'. The compositions like 'Drifting Away', 'Mirror Image', 'Pieces' or 'Masquarade' could be the soft side of bands like 'Delain' or 'Xandria', the most energetic title being 'Rise and Fall'. Overall, they have a talent for beautiful melodic lines and 'Ludmila Reis' brings a real emotion in the ballads 'Hyperbolic' and 'A New Sand' which are remarkable. In summary, the Brazilians of 'Dooren' are coming out with an album that could be described as light, airy symphonic metal and filled with accessible melodies, which should appeal to a relatively broad audience who would like to try out the metal by coming in by the very soft side of this style...

Line Up / Musicians

Ludmila Reis (Vocal), Celo Oliveira (Tous les instruments)