Artist : Anubis

Album : The Second Hand

Release Date : 23-05-2017

Added : 05-11-2017

In the kangaroo’s land, we are used to powerful hard rock but there are also other artists like 'Anubis' who perpetuate a calm and aerial progressive rock in the footsteps of 'Pink-Floyd'. 'The Second Hand' is their 4th studio album that tells the story of a businessman who falls into a coma after a stroke and who is paralyzed and his only activity in the hospital is to reflect on his professional life. The proposed theme is therefore a criticism of our society or some have as only objective in life to accumulate money. We are therefore immersed in a universe where each title is followed with dialogues and sound effects in relation to the theme. Musically, we are very close to 'Pink Floyd' from the first two titles : 'The Second Hand' with its alternating between calm and aerial parts and 'Fool' s Good' and its changing rhythmic and which in some places reminds certain tempos of ‘Animals'. In summary, although 'The Second Hand' remains very classic in the approach, the Australians of ‘Anubis' pursue their journey and continue to give us very good moments listening to this last album which should to please an audience having grown up with the ‘Floyds’...

Line Up / Musicians

David Eaton (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords), Robert James Moulding (Vocal, Guitars, Percussions), Anthony Stewart (Vocal, Bass), Dean Bennison (Vocal, Guitars), Douglas Skene (Vocal, Guitars, Sitar), Steven Eaton (Vocal, Drums, Glockenspiel)