Artist : Knight Area

Album : Heaven And Beyond

Release Date : 10-02-2017

Added : 12-03-2017

The same day as 'Blackfield', the Netherlands of 'Knight Area' release their 6th studio album and what an album !! For my part, 'Heaven And Beyond' could be MY 2017 progressive and symphonic music record. From the first listen, an amazing emotion emerges from the 11 titles, and strangely, even if we remain in classical melodic schemes, we're carried away in different atmospheres which give the impression that everything flows naturally and I could quote a lot of passages that made me this little shiver so characteristic of an intense listening pleasure. To do a parallel, I find the sensations that give some songs of 'Queen'. And then comes the last title, 'Memories' that ends the album in a wonderful way and makes you definitely recognize, if you still doubt, that the musical Graal exists. Certainly, this is as subjective because this is my perception and therefore the best way to make your own opinion, you who like groups such as 'Arena', 'Pallas', 'Dream Theater' or 'Pink Floyd', is to go to listen to this last Knight Area...

Line Up / Musicians

Gerben Klazinga (Keybords), Mark Bogert (Guitars), Mark Smit (Vocal, Keybords), Peter Vink (Bass), Pieter Van Hoorn (Drums)