Artist : Leprous

Album : Pitfalls

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 09-12-2019

Our U.M.A (Unidentified Musical Artists) of 'Leprous' never cease to surprise us with each release of albums because, after removing all the adjectives that can be added to metal because too restrictive, with the latest opus 'Malina' (see here ), the metal flag was no longer appropriate either because Norwegians are perpetual inventors of new musical landscapes and their latest album 'Pitfalls' is a new and beautiful discovery that blurs a little more tracks.
From the beginning, with 'Below', the inflections that we saw in 'Malina' are confirmed and, from the instrumental point of view, the keyboards are more present, the guitars relegated to the background and the contribution of strings brings a symphonic side, but it is for me the atmosphere of this composition that brings this wonderful palpable tension and this whatever the intensity of the moment until the final with some notes of violin releasing all this tension. 'I Lose Hope' has, at first glance, a fairly classic pop side but for my part, if we go further in the mood of the title, makes me think of the atmospheres of 'David Bowie' in his latest album 'Blackstar' '(see here). The following scrolls a hypnotic 'Observe The Train' that could be tagged modern psychedelic, the throbbing 'By My Throne' with its marked rhythm, 'Alleviate' and its subtle crescendo, 'At The Bottom' and 'Distant Bells' which also show us that Norwegians know how to offer us captivating progressive titles with always a remarkable intensity. With 'Foreigner', considering the emotional strength reached in the beginning of the album, I am almost disappointed with this easier title that would certainly be a hit with other progressive metal bands but 'The Sky Is Red' which Closes the album, is certainly the most difficult title to integrate but also the most tormented with different nested parts and a final in heady crescendo.

In summary, with this new album, the Norwegians of 'Leprous' confirm that they are an apart group and, whatever the artistic direction taken, each album is filled with an overflowing creativity asking to take his time to impregnate and get all the quintessence, and 'Pitfalls', although it will probably remain for an informed audience, is, for me, even more innovative than its predecessor 'Malina'...

Line Up / Musicians

Einar Solberg (Vocal, Keybords), Robin Ognedal (Guitar), Tor Oddmund Suhrke (Guitar), Simen Daniel Børven (Bass), Baard Kolstad (Drums)