Artist : Horisont

Album : About Time

Release Date : 03-02-2017

Added : 29-03-2017

Back in the past, it's a little that the Swedes of 'Horisont' did do in their latest album 'About Time' at all levels, theme and music. From the concept point of view, the listener is brought into a time machine to try to find a place where it feels good to live in our world which became precisely unlivable. From music side, we meet up in the golden age of rock hard, where we mix 'Thin Lizzy' with this characteristic guitar solo in 'Without Warning' or 'Night Line' and its rhythmic, 'Uriah Heep' with 'Electrical', or 'Status Quo' with the beginning of 'Night Line' or 'Point Of No Return'. Note that the first title, 'The Hive' is a cover of 'Richard Harris' dating back to 1969. In short, as you will have understood, this 'About Time' is a journey through time from every point of view and for this is to recommend to all lovers of a time ‘that people under 20 (No 30) years old can’t know'...

Line Up / Musicians

Axel Söderberg (Vocal), Charlie Van Loo (Guitars), Magnus Delborg (Bass), Pontus Jordan (Drums), David (Guitars)