Artist : Evership

Album : The Uncrowned King:Act 2

Release Date : 14-10-2022

Added : 30-10-2022

A little over a year after the release of the first part of 'The Uncrowned King', the Americans of 'Evership' offers us act 2 which continues the story of Harold Bell Wright' from 1910 and which, musically, continues in rock progressive rooted in the 70s with catchy melodic lines from the first listen and with a notable diversity of atmospheres, long developments still being in order but without having, this time, very long durations, the compositions not exceeding 8 minutes (see the presentation video of the different compositions of the album above).

The soft introduction 'The Voice of the Night', which begins with a few notes of acoustic guitar and which continues in a vaporous atmosphere, serves as an introduction to 'Missing Pursuits' which takes us into 8 minutes full of twists with an energetic rhythm section which leads the dance throughout this title and in which we find the beautiful expressive and high-pitched vocals of 'Beau West' and a beautiful instrumental section in the second part with a succession of keyboard and guitar solos. Without transition, the atmosphere is much calmer with 'The Law of Ages' (see the very nice video here) which, on a slow tempo, begins in acoustics with very beautiful choirs and a memorable melody which slightly gains momentum with some string accompaniments, always led by the very beautiful piano/voice duo and which offers us a masterful guitar solo in the second part, the finale returning to the serenity of the beginning. The alternation between softness and energy continues with 'Coronation' which sends heavy with a marked and driving tempo on an almost oriental melody in certain places, and which keeps a magnificent progressive aspect with, in particular, this break in intensity in the first part with remarkable new guitar and keyboard solos. Make way for an epic 'The Voice of the New Day' whose melodic lines and keyboard accompaniments are strongly reminiscent of 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer', which features special guest 'Michael Sadler', lead singer of Saga which gives us a beautiful and very expressive vocal demonstration, the general atmosphere being resplendent. Make way for the semi-acoustic ballad with the very beautiful 'Nobody' which makes us climb warm on a small cloud and which brings a very special emotion. In the same demonstrative style as 'The Voice of the New Day', 'Fading Away' begins with beautiful catchy melodic lines and presents original rhythmic changes and is embellished with magnificent choruses bringing us back a few decades and reminiscent of the 'Beatles'. The a capella introduction to 'Uncrowned' is particularly gripping and continues with a new, long, particularly melodic development that can recall 'Queen' moods with a radiant lightness that makes you draw a blissful smile on your face and is still accompanied by lush choirs. And it is with 'Pilgrim's Reprise' that the album ends by reminding us of one of the acoustic parts of the first title of the first part with an addictive melody: the circle is complete and in a very beautiful way.

In summary, the Americans of Evership' closes the story of this allegory of life with a second part that has nothing to envy to the first and, together, the two albums now allow us to be able to enjoy this very beautiful epic in its entirety, which should join the ideal discotheque of any amateur and any progressive rock lover...

Line Up / Musicians

Beau West (Vocal), James Atkinson (Guitar), John Rose (Guitar), Shane Atkinson (Keybords, Vocal, Drums, Programmation), Ben Young (Bass) + Guest : Michael Sadler (Vocal)