Artist : Weend‘ô

Album : Time of Awakening

Release Date : 09-02-2018

Added : 17-03-2018

'Weend'ô' is a French band created in 2008 by the guitarist 'Térence Nguyen Van' and the female singer and keyboardist 'Laetitia Chaudemanche' and have just released their second studio album 'Time of Awakening'. Their style mixes different influences between atmospheric rock and neo progressive rock with a talent for long melodic compositions that take you into a musical labyrinth mixing the power of electric instruments and the sensitivity of Laetitia's vocals that reminds me of singers like 'Olivia Sparnenn' from 'Mostly Autumn' (see their latest album Here) or 'Chiara Gironi’ from the Italian band 'Magnolia' (see their latest album Here) or 'Hayley Griffiths' from 'Karnataka' (see their latest album Here). The album is composed of 3 tracks for 39 minutes with the first eponymous composition of the album composed of 3 parts for more than 20 minutes which is a delight and that makes us travel in different atmospheres and tempos without ever tiring. In 'Elea', they invited 'Alan Reed' (see his latest album Here) to put his voice at the beginning of the title and it's a composition with a magnificent crescendo and a ‘Floydien’ solo at the end of the first part. In summary, 'Time of Awakening' is a very good surprise for this beginning of 2018 and 'Weend'ô' shows us once again that France has talents that can compete with major international neo progressive rock bands...

Line Up / Musicians

Laetitia Chaudemanche (Vocal, Keybords), Térence Nguyen Van (Guitar), Maxime Rami (Bass), Nathanaël Buis (Drums), + Guests : Alan Reed (Vocal), Jérémie (Vocal)