Artist : Ammunition

Album : Ammunition

Release Date : 26-01-2018

Added : 02-03-2018

'Ammunition' is a Norwegian group of melodic hard rock which was created in 2013 and released its second studio album bearing the name of the group and which had already released a very promising 'Shangaied' in 2014. Consisting of artists of the metal scene that have gravitated in key bands of the genre such as 'Eclipse', 'Circus Maximus' or 'King Diamond', they offer us energetic and melodic compositions and from the first titles, we are put in the tempo with 'Time', 'Freedom Finder', 'Gung Ho' or 'Virtual Reality Boy' which reminds me of 'Axxis' (see their last album Here)and if one of these titles does not make you stomp, no need to go further. For others, the following is in the same style and they know how to vary atmospheres with 2 titles that allow ourselves a little time off, 'Eye for an Eye' and the ballad 'Miss Summertime'. In short, this last album of ‘Ammunition' is filled with compositions qually effective and if you are fond of powerful and melodic hard-rock, go for listen this last baby of the Norwegians...

Line Up / Musicians

Åge Sten Nilsen (Vocal), Erik Mårtensson (Guitar, Bass, Keybords), Jon Pettersen (Guitar), Lasse Finbråthen (Keybords), Magnus Ulfstedt (Drums), Victor Cito Borge (Bass)