Artist : Big Big Train

Album : The Second Brightest Star

Release Date : 14-07-2017

Added : 18-09-2017

One train can hide another (it was easy). Indeed, 'Big Big Train', after 'Folklore' released in 2016 (See Here) and ‘Grimspound’ beginning of 2017, July 2017 sees the release of ‘The second Brightest Star' which is composed of 8 new titles and 2 long titles ‘Brookland's Sequence' and 'London Plane Sequence' from different 'Folklore' and 'Grimspound' tracks. The new compositions are in the logical sequence of the previous albums and we navigate in progressive rock, sometimes symphonic with 'The Second Brightest Star', sometimes folk with 'Haymaking', sometimes psychedelic with 'Skylon', sometimes American comedy of the Fifties’ with 'The Passing Widow' and sometimes jazzy with 'The Leaden Stour'. In short, with 'The Second Brightest Star', the tone is more melancholic and it's a new invitation to travel that offers 'Big Big Train' to all their fans and lovers of creative and varied progressive rock...

Line Up / Musicians

David Longdon (Vocal, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussions, Choirs), Andy Poole (Keybords, Guitar, Mandolin, Choirs), Danny Manners (Keybords, Cantabass), Dave Gregory (Guitar), Greg Spawton (Bass, Guitar, Choirs), Nick D’Virgilio (Drums), Rachel Hall (Violin, Alto, Cello, Choirs), Rikard Sjöblom (Guitar, Keybords, Accordion, Choirs)+ Guests : Judy Dyble (Vocal)