Artist : Greywind

Album : Afterthoughts

Release Date : 27-01-2017

Added : 07-03-2017

'Greywind' is the project of 2 Irish brother and sister 'Paul O 'Sullivan' and 'Steph O' Sullivan' who released their first album 'Afterthoughts' beginning of 2017. With a beautiful artwork, they reveal to us their universe between rock and metal shared between the lightness of the voice of Steph and the heavy and powerful Paul’s guitars. The rhythms are quite slow and it emerges a certain melancholy as in 'The Lake', one of the more melodic songs. Certainly, we would have welcomed a little more variety, but for a first album, we already feels a good potential for this duo to reach a broad audience. In summary, 'Greywind' is a charming duo who succeeded with a lot of perseverance to make their dream a reality for the pleasure of our ears...

Line Up / Musicians

Paul O'Sullivan (Guitar), Steph O'Sullivan (Vocal)