Artist : Arena

Album : Double Vision

Release Date : 25-05-2018

Added : 07-06-2018

The English of ‘Arena', after a sumptuous 'The Unquiet Sky' in 2015 (see here) have just released a new album 'Double Vision' at the end of May 2018 coinciding with the 20 years of their album 'The Visitor'. A boon for fans as the group takes over the entirety of this iconic album during its 2018 tour and we also discover two titles of 'Double Vision'. This last opus is in the tradition of the previous one with the only difference that it presents only 7 titles but with a masterful final title (we will come back to it). Regarding the first 6 titles, we find the particular style 'Made In Arena', inspired progressive rock where the melodic research is omni-present which makes them very accessible, all this being sublimated by the marvelous guitar solos of 'John Mitchell' and by the voice of 'Paul Manzi' (and I can tell you that in concert, these two have triggered quite a few times this little thrill so characteristic!). And then, there is this last title 'The Legend of Elijah Shade' of more than 22 minutes which embarks us in a maze of atmospheres where each member of the group brings its stone to the building to make it a typical title of the Progressive. In summary, with 'Double Vision', the English of 'Arena' continue album after album to enchant us with accessible compositions of high quality and confirm their position in the leading pack of international progressive rock bands...

Line Up / Musicians

Clive Nolan (Clavier), Paul Manzi (Vocal), John Mitchell (Guitar), Mick Pointer (Drums), John Jowitt (Bass)