Artist : Noveria

Album : Aequilibrium

Release Date : 25-10-2019

Added : 29-12-2019

The Italians of 'Noveria' who evolve in a progressive power metal released at the end of October 2019 a 3rd studio recording 'Aequilibrium' and this last opus tells the story of a man who, following an earthquake in Italy, loses all his family and who, faced with this tragedy, tries to rebuild his life. The majority of the compositions deploy an imposing power without any dead time with progressive components and remarkable guitar solos. ‘Waves’ opens the album in a riot of energetic riffs and, even if the keyboards are here and there present, this feeling of power continues throughout the title which also offers us a memorable first refrain. Follows 'The Awakening', always as energetic with an epic side with tempo changes and 'Franck Corigliano' performs a remarkable singing performance, then, 'New Born' offers us a more laid-back rhythm while remaining in a heavy register , just like 'Blind' which unrolls a heavy melody accompanied by sharp guitar riffs. The following continues in this debauchery of power with for example the somber mid-tempo 'The Nightmare', the frantic 'Broken', the catchy 'Collide' or even 'Losing You' which unrolls a relentless melody, in a slow and heavy procession which includes remarkable instrumental parts. Note that it is on a much quieter note that the album ends with the magnificent power ballad ‘Darkest Days’ which could appear in the best metal ballads.

In summary, the Italians of ‘Noveria’ continue on the path they had traced in the previous opus and ‘Aequilibrium’ is intended for an audience loving a powerful and melodic metal with progressive components...

Line Up / Musicians

Frank Corigliano (Vocal), Francesco Mattei (Guitar), Julien Spreutels (Keybords), Andrea Arcangeli (Bass), Omar Campitelli (Drums)