Artist : Oglin

Album : Leeches and Lowly Worms

Release Date : 08-12-2017

Added : 29-01-2018

'Oglin' is a group of Swedes who, after 2 EP (not available on Spotify) have released their first studio album with 'Leeches and Lowly Worms' but who do not make the buzz on the Internet because except very restricted site and facebook, not easy to find information on this new formation. A simple text in a post presents the album: “'Leeches and Lowly Worms' is a concept album. It tells the story of Charlotte, a fragile soul lost in the world. Through eleven songs we follow Charlotte as she works in an office, is hospitalized, escapes, is lost again and finally comes home.” From a musical point of view, they evolve in a varied progressive style with catchy melodies and their influences are drawn in the 70s: 'Back to the Hearth' reminds me of some compositions of 'Pink-Floyd' and the magnificent 'Mother' and 'Charlotte' makes me think of the atmospheres of 'David Bowie' (the voice of ‘Ogge Sjölin' plays a major role on this). In summary, this first album Oglin 'is still a very good surprise 2017 and is recommended not only to all fans of progressive rock but also to all those who love the beautiful melodies...

Line Up / Musicians

Ogge Sjölin (Bass, Vocal), Seth Kapadia (Guitar), David Thurfjell (Keybords), Johan Thurfjell (Drums)