Artist : Last Autumn’s Dream

Album : Fourteen

Release Date : 23-02-2018

Added : 27-03-2018

After their break in 2017 with a cover album 'In Disguise' (see Here),), I told myself in early 2018 that they had not released anything so we were used to the new album very early in the year. Well, it's done with this new album with a very searched name because 'Fourteen' is their ...... 14th album. As you would expect, it's always in the same style : very accessible compositions from the first listening and whose melodic lines enter your head to never leave you. 'Last Autumn's Dream' continues to do ‘Made in Last Autumn's Dream' music and critics who find that they do not renew themselves, I would answer them that it is not what is expected of them and that we can count on the fingers of one hand bands that release with this constancy so many effective titles. Note that the essential ballad in this kind of album ('Love Again') is beautiful and that the Swedish have amply now the material to bring us a full album that could look like the playlist I prepared for you Here. In short, 'Fourteen' is the continuity of previous 'Last Autumn's Dream' releases which continue to offer good melodic hard-rock that should appeal to a relatively large audience...

Last Autumn’s Dream power ballads playlist

Line Up / Musicians

Mikael Erlandsson (Vocal, Guitars, Keybords), Nalle Pählsson (Bass), Peter Söderström (Guitar), Ulf Wahlberg (Keybords), Jamie Borger (Drums)