Artist : Octavarium

Album : Origin

Release Date : 01-11-2019

Added : 13-12-2019

I warned you in my previous review (see here), an album release of 'Mattias Ohlsson' may hide another one, and, at the end of 2019, the successor to 'Dystopia' is 'Origin' (meanwhile the first album disappeared from Spotify which is a shame). It is still more than an hour of music that offers the Swede and this in the continuity of the previous album with a metal component a little more marked and this from the first title 'Evermore' which embarks us in a progressive saga where alternate energetic passages and others quieter. With 'Fly', the change is radical because it is an atmospheric composition with a slow tempo, then, the instrumental 'Hellraiser' returns to a progressive powerful metal but enough technical. After the short piano / voice acoustic interlude 'Nightmares', 'Dreams' is still an energetic composition with remarkable sections of keyboards and beautiful melodic lines. The end of the album is divided between two long developments: first the 13 minutes of 'The Last Goodbye' take us between progressive rock and metal beginning in a rather calm but dark atmosphere that rises in power in the central part and which ends with a new crescendo on the main theme; then, it's the turn of 'Origin' cut into five titles and totaling more than 23 minutes : each part has a specific atmosphere and the whole is more like progressive rock, the metal side being less present.

In summary, 'Mattias Ohlsson' is still releasing a remarkable album which, like any progressive album, needs to be tamed as the songs are played and 'Origin' is added to the already impressive discography of the Swedish and is intended for a public sailing between progressive rock and progressive metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Mattias Ohlsson (tous les instruments)