Artist : Tigersclaw

Album : Princess of the Dark

Release Date : 14-07-2017

Added : 28-09-2017

'Tigersclaw' is composed of a Russian opera female singer and 2 German musicians who release their first album 'Princess In The Dark'. They evolve between rock and metal with a symphonic style but their peculiarity is that, unlike groups of this kind who prefer energetic compositions, they put forward more titles with slow tempos. From the beginning, we are conquered by the vocal of Elena which shows all its talent and who reminds me of 'Liv Kristine' especially on 'Cherokee' and obviously to 'Tarja' for his diction on certain ballads where his classical training is obvious (to tell you everything, she is a soloist in the Russian Chamber Orchestra 'Gradsky Hall' - see Here), Although the ensemble remains very classical and similar to bands like 'Within Temptation', 'Xandria' or 'Leave's Eyes', the songs are all very melodic and very accessible. The only downside that I would say is that I found that the recording is a little flat and deserved more attention given the quality of the compositions. In summary, for the fans of 'Tarja', 'Liv Kristine' and sisters who love equally power of the metal and ballads, this 'Princess of the Dark' is For you and can also be a gateway for all those who would like to discover this style of music...

Line Up / Musicians

Elena Minina (Vocal), Alexander Baier (Tous les instruments), Ralf Neumann (Drums)