Artist : Imperial Age

Album : Live in Wroclaw

Release Date : 10-04-2020

Added : 18-05-2020

During the confinement period, the Russians from 'Imperial Age' gave a live concert on you tube on April 25, 2020 and they also released an album from the concert given in Wroclaw in March 2018 which contains 6 tracks from their latest album 'The Legacy of Atlantis'. We are therefore immersed in the live atmosphere of a symphonic metal with epic songs sung by the two sopranos 'Jane Odintsova' and 'Anna Moiseeva' and the tenor 'Alexander Osipov' in a grandiose atmosphere as the Russians know to do so well.

The first 5 tracks are all taken from 'The Legacy of Atlantis' with first of all the two grandiose mid-tempos which are 'The Awakening' and 'The Legacy of Atlantis' which start the concert in an imposing and which triggers this characteristic little thrill at the start of the concert. Follows the fast and melodic ‘The Escape’ in the vein of ‘Rhapsody’ then a new mid-tempo ‘The Monastery’ with its chorus taken up in chorus by the three singers and ‘Domini Canes’ continues in this overheated and majestic atmosphere. The rest of the concert returns to older songs, first of all, the energetic 'Death Guard' with its refrain taken up and chanted by the public, then, what I consider their anthem, the magnificent power ballad 'Aryavarta', and finally to end in style an energetic 'Anthem of Valor' and the no less energetic 'And I Shall Find My Home'.

In summary, the Russians of 'Imperial Age' confirm that they take their full dimension in concert and this live, even if it remains short, highlights this grandiose atmosphere that they deploy what should please all their fans but also to all those who love an epic and majestic symphonic metal...

Line Up / Musicians

Alexander “Aor” Osipov (Vocal), Jane “Corn” Odintsova (Vocal), Anna “Kiara” Moiseeva (Vocal), Max Talion (Drums), Paul “Vredes” Maryashin (Guitar), Dmitry “Belf” Safronov (Bass)