Artist : Walk In Darkness

Album : Welcome to the New World

Release Date : 17-02-2018

Added : 28-03-2018

'Walk In Darkness' is an Italian band that released its first studio album 'In The Shadows of Things' in 2017 (voir Here) and was cataloged in Gothic metal. 'Welcome to the New World' is their second opus and one of their characteristics is that the only one to discover her face is the singer 'Nicoletta Rosellini', the rest of the group wearing monk’s habit whose hood hides their faces (see the cover). 'Welcome to the New World' sees an evolution towards a more symphonic style that mixes power and harmony : the first two titles are the perfect illustration with first, 'Crossing the Final Gate', a powerful composition with an original contrast between Emiliano Pasquinelli's grawls and the 'Nicoletta Rosellini' aerial voice that can recall the style of 'Sharon Den Adel' from 'Within Temptation' but in a more low register, and then 'Sailing Far Away' which is a beautiful ballad accompanied by the violin of 'Gabriele Boschi' reinforcing the romantic side. The sequel is the image of this beginning with titles always very melodic and accessible alternating energetic parts and others much quieter. In summary, with this second album, the Italians of 'Walk In Darkness' are more mature and offers us 8 beautiful compositions between rock and symphonic metal that should please to all fans of bands like 'Within Temptation', 'Epica' or 'Delain' to name only the most popular ones...

Line Up / Musicians

Nicoletta Rosellini Vocal), Arcanus (Drums), Monk Key (Bass), Flaming Jack (Guitar), Tio Frank (Keybords), Shaman (Guitar) + Guests : Emiliano Pasquinelli (Vocal), Gabriele Boschi (Violin)